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This book is designed to make your product management role much easier by laying out the entire business plan for you. It is a combination of topics from a list of the best product management books. The entire process is boiled down to its essentials, making the steps simple and easy to understand. Following these steps, the book is organized into three parts:

  • Learn about Customers & Prepare for Market
  • Create a Brand & Development Plan
  • Idea Execution & Product Promotion

Table of contents

a comprehensive guide through the entire process of creating a successful business

Ideas are like sneezing

Great breakthrough is often told as eureka moment or epiphany because there is a certain narrative thrill in the story. But how exactly are those ideas born? Where good ideas come from? This chapter will answer how to adjust your thinking. Get better ideas and stimulate the creative process.

How to validate an idea?

Predict the success and commercial feasibility of your idea by seeking for the disconfirming evidence. The more you think about the idea the more emotionally involved you get. This chapter will propose a framework which detects interfering factors which might stay in a way of the desired outcome.

Vision Strategy and Tactics

This chapter is all about these three buzzwords - vision, strategy and tactics. What they are, what are the key differences, and how they all fit together? The vision lays out a destination. Destination guides your strategy. Strategy chooses the action. It's the action that leads to success.

Building a Roadmap

When done right, the product roadmap reduces uncertainty about the future. It keeps product teams focused on the highest priority product initiatives. But how to build it effectively? This chapter gives a simple guide in 3½ steps which will lead you to a fantastic roadmap.

Building a Brand

Building a brand often starts when the product is finished, as part of the marketing strategy. The idea here is to start building the brand as soon as you start building the product. But first of all, what is a brand? Here, you will find out how to integrate branding into your roadmap.

Choose your priorities wisely

Setting the right path is always hard. You're supposed to set a long-term development plan for your company or a product, with very limited information about what the future holds. This is what I call high-risk low-data decisions. Find out how to prioritize your features.

Project Planning

This chapter is my ultimate product development check-list. It contains a list of actionable items which increase the likelihood of success in creating a great product or service. Here, you will use the law of attraction, you will visualize your goal, you will steal responsibly and create something great.

Learn to Sell

Developers, engineers, designers and artists, in general, are pretty good at their thing but pretty bad at determining the price and submitting an invoice or a quote. In most cases, we set the price based on our hunch and hope for the best. Understand the basics of the pricing and selling techniques.

Promote the Product

The chapter describes why the promise is the soul of advertising. You will be able to write great headlines and promote your product like a pro. Ultimately, you will get more people to buy more stuff from you for more years to come at a higher price. Who wouldn't like that?


If you choose to take advantage of the information given in this product management book, you will be able to breathe life into your ideas. You will be able to turn them into something that people will adore. You will develop a strong vision of what you want to achieve. A vision followed by a winning strategy and tactics for execution.

Promoting your final product will reach your target audience. The advertising actions will come naturally. Finally, the book will make you feel self-confident. It will help you in acknowledging your actual self-worth. Your personal judgment and ability to execute is now backed up by your newly acquired knowledge. The book will provide you with the key takeaways from the best product management books on Amazon.

Validate Ideas

Working on an idea makes you biased. You will learn how to break the confirmation bias by seeking disconfirming evidence. Find a market for your product and determine if you are solving their big pain-point.

Develop a Vision

By developing a strong vision you will be able to direct action toward your goal. The vision is useless unless it can direct action and this book will show you how to do it. Sketch a path toward the goal by laying out the right strategy and choose effective tactics.

Create a Roadmap

Follow a simple guide for creating a product roadmap and become a better product manager. The guide has 3½ steps which will lead you to a fantastic plan. You will learn to choose the right inputs and turn them into brilliant outputs.

Build a Brand

You will learn what does it mean when I say that the brand is a gut feeling. Why is having a brand important for your business and why is trust from your customers based on reliability and delight. You will embrace the brand-led product development strategy.

Determine the Price

You will be able to set the right price for your product. Introducing the terms like profit, margin, revenue, overhead expenses or cost of goods sold will enable you to better understand the financial part of your business. It will result in more profit in your pocket.

Promote the Product

After reading the book, you will be able to write great headlines and promote your product like a pro. Ultimately, you will get more people to buy more stuff from you for more years to come at a higher price. Reach more people and spread awareness about your product.


A note from the author

Each step from this book is based on previous experience gained during my career. I’ve been working as a software developer, business analyst, product owner and business consultant for the past 12 years.

During that time, I’ve been working with international B2B business, creating a software platform for critical power system infrastructure, working in a strict corporate culture. Also, I’ve been working with small B2C startups in fin-tech, software as a service, manufacturing, clothing and event management, in a bit more casual and creative culture.

As most of the product management books, this one contains all the good sides of these two worlds – corporate and startup best practices encapsulated in one great story. Each technique described in the book is using industry proven methods. The book puts them to new and innovative use, adjusted to business models of today and the new era that we live in.

The knowledge you’re about to receive from this book is coming not only from my experience in product management. It comes from all the smart people, business owners, CEOs and founders I’ve had the pleasure to work with. These people shared their knowledge with me, so this book is a way to repay for their kindness by sharing the same knowledge with you.

If you follow the formula which I reveal in this book, it’s very possible you can make a living by turning an idea into a successful business. If you're looking for practical product management books, you're at the right place.

The right time to start was yesterday. The best you can do is starting today!


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